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Falling Sinks

Here at Planet Stone, a common repair-call we receive is that a homeowner’s sink is falling. This is typically attributed to another company’s faulty installation methodology. Leaving the homeowner with a now-separated sink. Often, sinks are held in place purely by use of adhesives such as silicone or stone epoxy (often with the addition of stone blocks). These can and frequently do fail over time. Even though this is a common practice when installing a sink, it is not necessarily the most effective—or even correct—process.

As time passes, relative humidity and moisture incurred during the usage of the sink itself can compromise the adhesive’s strength. This ultimately causes the sink to fall. Other causes that loosen the adhesive are the vibration sustained through the use of your garbage disposal. The weight of items that you sit in your sinks like heavy pots and pans. As well as, the excessive and continuous moisture of the immediate sink surround (often with accompanying mildew presence). Homeowners can spot the very noticeable difference once a sink drops, and it can become quite the nuisance in your home.

If you spot your sink falling, please contact Planet Stone immediately so the problem does not worsen. You want to remedy this as soon as possible so that the sink itself does not drop completely. A falling sink can potentially crack or otherwise damage your stone as well as the cabinetry or plumbing within the sink-base cabinet. Even a sink that has not completely fallen is no longer watertight, and water leaks will further undermine the sink’s continued stability and increase the chance of property damage.