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Considering the compound make-up of granite, marble & quartz countertops it is not uncommon for your stone to experience chips. Chips can occur when the stone itself is being cut or even through everyday use as a kitchen counter. Even though chips are a known issue amongst homeowners, chips in your granite should not be a common occurrence. Close attention should be paid to a chip. If a repair is not made, the issue can turn into a larger expense for the homeowner. The chip could potentially turn into a crack in your countertop.

Here at Planet Stone Marble & Granite, we suggest that when a chip or pit is visible in your granite you should call a professional to come handle the situation. Even though this may seem like a simple task a homeowner could take on themselves, it is better to let a professional handle the repair. The typical procedure used to correct this issue is either an epoxy or resin used to fill in and color match the stone. From there once the stone is fixed, the stone can then be resealed to protect future damage.