How To Properly Clean Your Stone Countertops

As beautiful as stone countertops are, they are a magnet for crumbs, clutter, and everything in between. It’s important to know how to properly clean your countertops. This ensures you are preserving their beauty and keeping them disinfected. However, beware of cleaners that can be harmful to your stone countertops. Find out what cleaner is best for your countertops below!


Soft Cloths

This is a MUST to prevent your stone countertops from becoming scratched and damaged along the way. Microfiber cloths are best but paper towels and everyday kitchen towels work well, too. Make sure not to use harsh scrub pads or any other abrasive scrubbers that will damage the surface of your countertop.

Gentle Soap

A gentle soap is necessary for the next step. Dish soap or anything less abrasive that won’t degrade the surface or sealant of your countertop is necessary. Dawn, Mrs. Meyer’s, Method, and Honest are just a few examples of gentle dish soaps that work best for the job. They might already be in your kitchen right now!

Non-Damaging Disinfectant

In a high-touch environment like a kitchen or bathroom, disinfecting is necessary to keep your space’s cleanliness up to par. However, not all disinfectants are good to use! Anything acidic, such as citric acid, vinegar, or a bleach concoction is a NO-GO. These products are sure to damage the surface of your stone countertops. 


Now, that you have all the necessary products, you can get to work on your stone countertop.

Step 1: Wipe your countertop of any straggling crumbs or debris. Clear your countertop of all items, so you can wipe underneath appliances, cutting boards, and other items to catch crumbs in those spaces. 

Step 2: Select your dish soap of choice and a soft cloth. Make sure to dampen the cloth first with warm water only. Wipe down the counter and reapply dish soap if suds become less evident. 

Step 3: Now, that your countertops are soapy, rinse your cloth until no more soap is apparent. Re-wet it with warm water and remove the suds on the counter with it. 

Step 4: Immediately wipe off the counter with a new, dry, cloth. This should remove any extra dampness on the stone surface.

Step 5: This is where the disinfectant comes in! Apply or spray to remove any lingering germs, and allow it to sit on the stone surface for at least two minutes to thoroughly remove contaminants.

Step 6: If it has been a while since your countertop was last sealed by a professional, contact our Stone Squad at (941) 795-2800 for any questions you may have about the process.

We hope this information has been helpful to you! Moving forward, we hope you follow these simple and important steps to keep your countertops in their best condition. Our Stone Squad is always happy to help answer questions or provide repair work if you need more assistance.