5 Things In Your Kitchen That Make It Look Tacky

You want your kitchen to stand out, and of course, you want your Planet Stone countertops to SHINE. Our Stone Squad commonly witnesses kitchens overrun with small things that easily change the appearance of a kitchen, and not for the better. Luckily, most of these items are low-budget and can easily be replaced without much effort. Keep reading to learn how to go from tacky to tasteful with these simple upgrades.

Fake Plants

Fake plants in kitchen

There are ways to add greenery to your kitchen, even if you don’t have a green thumb. Gone are the days of fake green vines above cabinetry – you know what we are talking about! If you want to keep the green accents in your kitchen, try using trendy potted faux plants that can easily be purchased from storefronts like Target or HomeGoods. With subtle accents and a planned color scheme, you can keep your faux plants but make them look a little more like this …

Modern kitchen design


Magnets on fridge door

We love a souvenir magnet as much as the next guy, however covering your fridge from top to bottom with magnets, photos, and notes is too much. With a littered front-facing refrigerator, your eye is automatically drawn to the chaos, taking away from the rest of your kitchen. Take this as an opportunity to pick out your favorites to keep stationed on the fridge and save the others for another time. Swap out magnets during different seasons or when you simply get tired of seeing the same few.

Minimalist magnets on fridge

Dated Dish Towels

Old dish towels in kitchen

It might be difficult to get rid of the dish towel you’ve had forever, but if it is covered in stains that not even bleach can get out, it’s time to retire the good-ole dish rag. It’s never the most appealing sight to walk into a kitchen, and the first thing you see is a sauce-splattered, grease-covered towel that used to say something, but now the letters are faded to nothing. Even stain-free dish towels that look like they have lived a long life will take away from the appearance of your kitchen.

Updated kitchen with pretty dish towels

Salt & Pepper Shakers

Tacky salt and pepper shakers

This one might come as a surprise, but a dated salt and pepper shaker can certainly make a beautiful kitchen look tacky. Also, multiple salt and pepper shakers in your kitchen can have the same effect. As for most things, simple is typically better and if your shakers are a little too far-fetched, try dialing them back with a more modern, solid tone option, many of which can be found on Amazon.


Outdated hardware on old kitchen cabinets

Hardware can easily date your kitchen by years if it hasn’t been upgraded recently. Luckily, this is an easy fix that is relatively inexpensive. You can find new hardware options at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s. With a little time and money spent, your cabinetry can look more like this…

New hardware on kitchen cabinets

We hope this has been helpful in determining what items in your kitchen could be retired and replaced. As mentioned, all these items are low-budget and can be replaced at a range of home decor and improvement stores. Not only are they easily accessible and flexible with any budget, but you will have a wide variety to choose from. For further help turning your kitchen vision into reality, our Stone Squad is always here for you!