5 Coastal Countertops For Your Florida Home

If you’re reading this, you might be the lucky homeowner of a beautiful Florida home. There is truly nothing like the sun, surf, and even the fine-grained sand here. Our Florida beaches are so beautiful, that it’s common to want to bring that coastal beauty into a home, specifically in your kitchen or bathroom. We often hear from homeowners who are aspiring for a coastal chic design, so we have listed some options that are inspired by the natural elements we see on our hometown beaches.

Blue Skies

Nothing beats a blue sky without a cloud in sight! A countertop that we love here at Planet Stone that emulates this look and feel is Cambria Skye Quartz. While it is a bright, bold, and very vibrant choice, the etchings and ripples within the stone certainly bring a coastal vibe into any home. This stone also highlights other color hues, like turquoise, white, and black, to make it really feel like the sky is a touch away.

White Sand Beaches

White sand that feels and looks more like powdered sugar is unique and special to the gulf coast beaches. A stone we love that mimics its pure white color is Lavish White Quartz. A white countertop can brighten up any room in any home. This quartz also has a speckled grey look to it, to break up the solid white and add texture to the stone, as if you’re looking down at the sand beneath your feet! 

Clear Water

You can never forget about the beautiful water we have the privilege of enjoying in Florida. Ocean Pearl Quartzite inspires us to think about the coastal water here, as this stone has hues of greys and blues with a natural rippling effect throughout.

Dark Driftwood

Another unique feature we tend to see and parallel in coastal homes is driftwood. A stone that incorporates brown hues, as well as other grey tones, is River Blue Marble. We enjoy seeing this stone in action because of its different appearance, highlighting darker colors, but also providing depth in its etchings. 

Hawaii Granite
Blue Ice Granite

Speckled Seashells

We knew we had to pick two different stones for this category: one to highlight more tan hues and the other to highlight the greys we see in speckled seashells. Contrary to the name, Hawaii Granite highlights many tan and beige tones while still incorporating the speckled look. On the other hand, Blue Ice Granite incorporates many specs of grey, white, and black, and is equally stunning in appearance. It’s up to you to determine which shade you naturally lean more towards!

Review Hawaii Granite in this Traditional Planet Stone Original Kitchen. 

See our Blue Ice Granite in action in this Coastal + Contemporary Planet Stone Original.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect coastal countertop or just a lover of homes with beachy vibes, we hope you enjoyed this read! If you’re ready to find the perfect stone for your home, we encourage you to stop by our Planet Stone showroom as we have a plethora of marble, granite, and quartz stones to choose from. Visit our website to review just a portion of our stone products and dial us at (941) 795-2800 to contact our Stone Squad to schedule an appointment.